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Carnival Cruises

Information about Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise offers really something for everyone. Relax in the spa, exercise in the gym or simply relax with a good book in the library. The kids will love the many onboard activities just for them. And don't forget the many pools for kids and adults alike. At the end of the day fine or casual dining awaits you followed by a variety of entertainment.

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Carnival Vacation Cruisers

Are you ready for a relaxing, care-free, fun-filled holiday aboard Carnival Cruises fleet of fabulous cruise ships?


Whether you enjoy fine dining, relaxing on tropical beaches, scuba diving or snorkelling, or exploring other cultures, a vacation on the Superliners is guaranteed to please!

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Carnival Holiday Cruises

Floating resorts offer so much variety, you can personalize your vacation to be as high-spirited or as low-key as you want.

Your oasis of relaxation provides body care treatments and a complete fitness center.

Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival ships boast some of the largest showrooms and best entertainment at sea. Let them have their fun. Every "Fun Ship" has programs and activities for different age groups.

Onboard Entertainment


Every one of Carnival's Ships is a unique floating resort designed with your fun in mind. Venture out of your spacious stateroom and experience the outdoor areas, wonderful restaurants, friendly casino, relaxing lounges, invigorating spa, exciting nightclubs and duty-free shopping. Come aboard and see for yourself.

Carnival Fun Ships

A Carnival "Fun Ship" is a destination onto itself. Get a taste of what to expect with access to virtual ship tours, sample dining menus and onboard activities.

Live Entertainment

Catch a rising star as a wide variety of singers, comedians, bands and musicians perform nightly out on deck or in one of the many clubs and lounges. Whether it’s calypso, country or rock, we’ve got you covered.

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Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise Information

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Caribbean Sea, arm of the Atlantic Ocean, partially enclosed on the north and east by the islands of the West Indies, and bounded on the south by South America and Panama, and on the west by Central America. The name of the sea is derived from the Carib people, who inhabited the area when Spanish explorers arrived there in the 15th century.

The Caribbean is 2,400 km (1,500 mi) long east and west and 640 to 1,400 km (400 to 1,400 mi) wide. It has an area of 2,718,000 sq km (1,049,000 sq mi).


Caribbean Cruises

Warm climate; an astounding array of ports of call, each with its own distinctive character and appeal; thousands of beaches, including some of the world's best; great shopping at duty free prices.

Caribbean Sailing

Explore the sun-drenched splendors and European flair of the Eastern Caribbean. Discover the tropical landscape of St. Thomas, the white-sand beaches of St. Lucia, and the waterfront fun of Princess Cays for an unforgettable adventure in paradise.

Caribbean Diving

The islands of the Caribbean are a paradise beyond compare, and a Princess cruise here is unlike any vacation you've ever experienced. Few destinations boast as much sun-drenched tropical beauty or cultural diversity as the Caribbean Islands. Here, you will experience the European, African and Latin American influences combining to make the most fascinating assortment of cultures, sensations and cuisines found anywhere in the world.


Caribbean Wedding

The beauty of the moment is reflected in the beauty of the sea as you exchange your vows. Waves gently caressing the sand play an overture to your special day, and coconut palms form a lacy canopy above you. Heart-shaped Magens Bay, rated by National Geographic as one of the world's ten most beautiful beaches, perfect wedding sites
Caribbean Island Get-Away.

Caribbean Getaway

Discover turquoise waters, tropical breezes and the reggae beat of the good life on a Princess cruise to the Western Caribbean and the coast of Mexico. With such fascinating ports of call, let Princess take you on your dream vacation.

Caribbean Beach Resort

Uncover the splendors of Aruba, with its marine life and sunken treasures, the architectural riches of Caracas, the coral-studded Cades Reef of Antigua and the luxuriant tropical forests of St. Kitts. The Southern Caribbean is filled with unique experiences.

Caribbean Islands

It's time to leave the stresses of everyday life and trade up to the sun, sand and crystal clear water of the Caribbean. Explore the culture and uncover nature's wonder in the beautiful and diverse islands of the Caribbean.

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Antarctic Cruise

Information about Antarctic Cruise

Antarctica, fifth largest of the Earth’s seven continents. The southernmost, coldest, windiest, highest, most remote, and most recently discovered continent, it surrounds the South Pole, the point at the southern end of the Earth’s axis. Almost completely covered by ice, Antarctica has no permanent human population.


The continent is ringed by the Southern, or Antarctic, Ocean, a body of water made up of the southern portions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans but sometimes considered a separate ocean due to its lower temperature and salt concentration. The entire area south of the Antarctic Convergence, the zone where the Southern Ocean meets the other oceans, is referred to as the Antarctic region. Antarctica means “opposite to the Arctic,” the Earth’s northernmost region.

Antarctic Expedition


The icy extremities of Antarctica and the Arctic reveal Mother Nature at her most raw, powerful and beautiful. Nowhere else on the planet can you encounter such abundant and curious wildlife, or explore a pristine wilderness that is both exquisitely beautiful and unrelentingly harsh. Antarctic penguins, seals, whales and birds offer extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities. In the Arctic, polar bears, whales, walruses and bird life will delight you.

Antarctic Travel

At Paradise Bay, dotted with spectacular icebergs that seem to reflect every colour of the rainbow, we observe gentoo and chinstrap penguins. Sailing through the narrow Errera Channel, glacial walls rise high on both sides, leading to an awesome archipelago of icy islands, harbouring penguin rookeries, elephant seals and myriad seabirds.


Antarctic Cruise

The South Shetland Islands and the waterways of the Antarctic Peninsula form one of the most spectacular wilderness areas on earth. Responding to the weather conditions and passenger interests, no two voyages are the same.

Antarctica Trips

Peregrine began as a trekking company and we've designed programs to include hiking on all our voyages. During most stops you can join one of our hiking groups on exploratory walks of one to two hours or perhaps as long as three to four hours.

Antarctica Animals

Bird and wildlife watching is the backbone of all our expedition programs. Every day groups will leave our ship in the company of world-renowned naturalists and ornithologists in search of rare and interesting wildlife.

Antarctica Explorers

The Polar regions present some of the most spectacular scenery and captivating wildlife on the planet. Even the most casual ‘snappers' get carried away! We have photographic experts on board to answer your questions - just remember to bring twice as much film as you think you'll need! If you are really keen, you might be interested in our special floating ‘photography symposiums' in either the Arctic or Antarctica.

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Alaska Glacier Cruise

Information about Alaska Glacier Cruise

Information about Alaska Glacier Cruise


Alaska, northernmost and westernmost state of the United States, and the largest state of the Union. It occupies the extreme northwestern region of the North American continent and is separated from Asia by the 82-km- (51-mi-) wide Bering Strait. Alaska has belonged to the United States since 1867, when it was bought from Russia by Secretary of State William H. Seward. The United States paid Russia $7.2 million for the rights of the Russian American Company in Alaska.


There's only one Alaska. And there's only one preferred way to see it: on an Alaska Glacier Cruise! Enjoy the great food, fine accommodations and fantastic sights this once-in-a-lifetime excursion has to offer!


Alaska's wildlife is among the most abundant in the nation. Species that are threatened or endangered in the lower 48 states are thriving in Alaska. It is a place where caribou outnumber people, and where vast stretches of wilderness remain pristine.

Alaska Whale Watching

Alaska's most recommended whale watching tour. Fun and exciting professional whale watching eco tours. Get away from the crowds and go where the whales are.


Alaska Glacier Cruise are the perfect Get-Away!

Denali National Park

Situated on the northern and southern flanks of the Alaska Range, Denali is the nation's premier subarctic national park, encompassing 6 million acres (2,400,000ha). At a towering 20,320ft (6096m), Mt Kinley is undoubtedly the main attraction of the park and something to behold on a clear day.


Juneau isn't the most accessible of capital cities: you can't reach it by road and every year 200 scheduled flights never make it into the city due to bad weather. Once there, though, you'll find much to like in this Artic 'little San Francisco' with a picture-pretty skyline.

Anchorage Alaska

Just when you think you're in a northern version of the USA (Kmart check, Wal-Mart check, Computer City check), a black bear will unexpectedly join you for tea; or 20 hours come and go without the sun setting; or you don't see the sun at all; or a wolf slays a yearling moose in the park.

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